Messiah Lutheran Church has served the Emporia community since 1923.  They have been in their current location of 1101 Neosho since 1950 and prior to that they were located on the corner of Constitution & South Avenue.

In the 97 years of ministry Messiah has been served by 8 Pastors:


          Rev. Gerhard O.B. Miessler  (1923-1941)

          Rev. Walter W. Stoeppehwerth (1941-1955) 

          Rev. Louis E. White  (1955-1960)

          Rev. Arnold R. Aschbrenner (1961-1981)

          Rev. Larry D. Kalsow (1980-1987)

          Rev. Ralph A. Sackschewsky (1984-1986)

          Rev. Norbert D. Tegtmeier (1988-2019

          Rev. Eddie Hosch (2018-

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